WebGL EWA Splatter

Number of splats:


Desktop: Left-click + drag to rotate, scroll to zoom, right-click + drag to pan. Hold Ctrl or use the checkbox to toggle brushing, and left-click + drag to paint while brushing.
Touch: One finger drag to rotate, pinch to zoom, two finger drag to pan. Check the brushing mode checkbox to enable brushing.


This is a WebGL implementation of the papers Object Space EWA Surface Splatting: A Hardware Accelerated Approach to High Quality Point Rendering by Ren, Pfister and Zwicker, and High-Quality Point-Based Rendering on Modern GPUs by Botsch and Kobbelt, with a few shortcuts. It also uses the deferred shading for splatting approach described in High-quality surface splatting on today's GPUs by Botsch, Hornung, Zwicker and Kobbelt. Get the code on GitHub!

The Dinosaur, Man, Santa and Igea datasets are from Pointshop3D. The Leo dataset is courtesy of Mario Botsch. The Sankt Johann is from the University of Stuttgart. The Warnock Engineering Building is from the State of Utah Wasatch Front LiDAR dataset.