WebGL Neuron Viewer


Voxel Spacing


Desktop: Left-click + drag to rotate, scroll to zoom, right-click + drag to pan.
Touch: One finger drag to rotate, pinch to zoom, two finger drag to pan.


This is a WebGL viewer for Connectomics data, and can render both the microscopy acquired image volume in combination with a set of neuron traces. The DIADEM NC Layer 1 Axons and reference traces are the NC Layer 1 Axons dataset, courtesy De Paola et al. 2006, included as part of the DIADEM Challenge. Get the code on GitHub!

You can upload a TIFF stack or multi-page TIFF from your computer, or fetch a multi-page TIFF from a remote URL (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive). When fetching a TIFF from a URL the remote site must support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing for this site to fetch the data. If fetching from a URL fails, you can download the file from the URL yourself and upload it. Supported TIFF Formats are single-channel 8 and 16bit unsigned int images. 16bit images may appear pixelated, as WebGL2 does not support filtering on these textures.


# Soma
# Branches
# Points