WebGPU Experiments

Triangle & Generated Triangle

Basic demos of rendering a triangle, or generating one and the draw calls in a compute shader.

triangle image

GLB Viewer Try it out!

A binary glTF viewer supporting static scenes with multi-level instancing, different materials, and textures.


Marching Cubes Try it out!

A data-parallel implementation of Marching Cubes using compute shaders. Note that as of 5/7/2020 some functionality (3D texture uploads) is not implemented in WebGPU which would make this easier to implement or include some other features (e.g., sampling the volume, adding volume rendering),

isosurface on the Skull data set

LiDAR Viewer Try it out!

A viewer for las/laz files. Uses LASTools.js to load las/laz files directly in the browser, and renders them as instanced billboard quads. To run this demo, download the LASTools.js release (liblas.js, liblas.wasm, liblas_wrapper.js) and place them under js/.

Morro Rock