[][src]Struct ispc::PackagedModule

pub struct PackagedModule { /* fields omitted */ }

A PackagedModule refers to an ISPC module which was previously built using ispc_compile, and is now distributed with the crate.


impl PackagedModule[src]

pub fn new(lib: &str) -> PackagedModule[src]

Create a new PackagedModule to link against the previously compiled library named lib. As in ispc_compile, the library name should not have any prefix or suffix. For example, instead of libexample.a or example.lib, simple pass example

pub fn lib_path<P>(&mut self, path: P) -> &mut PackagedModule where
    P: AsRef<Path>, 

Specify the path to search for the packaged ISPC libraries and bindings

Link with a previously built ISPC library packaged with the crate

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for PackagedModule

impl Sync for PackagedModule

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