[][src]Struct ispc::PackagedModule

pub struct PackagedModule { /* fields omitted */ }

A PackagedModule refers to an ISPC module which was previously built using ispc_compile, and is now distributed with the crate.


impl PackagedModule[src]

pub fn new(lib: &str) -> PackagedModule[src]

Create a new PackagedModule to link against the previously compiled library named lib. As in ispc_compile, the library name should not have any prefix or suffix. For example, instead of libexample.a or example.lib, simple pass example

pub fn lib_path<P>(&mut self, path: P) -> &mut PackagedModule where
    P: AsRef<Path>, 

Specify the path to search for the packaged ISPC libraries and bindings

Link with a previously built ISPC library packaged with the crate

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for PackagedModule

impl Sync for PackagedModule

impl Send for PackagedModule

impl UnwindSafe for PackagedModule

impl RefUnwindSafe for PackagedModule

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